Christmas Cake Tutorial

Christmas Cake Tutorial by FMM Sugarcraft.

If you haven’t got a plan for your Christmas Cake…don’t worry… there’s still time and with this easy tutorial by FMM you’ll have it done and ready in no time! The think I love about this tutorial is it uses a lot of products that don’t just have to be used once a year for Christmas so you really get your monies worth out of them.


We will provide you with links to buy any products you don’t already have, remember last posting dates for 1st class is Saturday 20th December this year and 2nd class is Thursday 18th December so don’t leave it too late. Of course if you do there’s always local Cake Shops that in most cases are open until the 23rd December.

This is a handy step by step to create the cake below and we’ll even give you the link to the downloadable PDF from FMM Sugarcraft so you can print it off and file it for next year too!

Here we go for today’s Christmas Cake Tutorial…


Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your Christmas cake.

Equipment you will need:

Other Items:


1. Place your covered cake on the prepared cake drum. Using the press-ice tool, starting at the back of your cake, emboss the pattern around the centre with a light pressure, making sure the tool is level so the pattern will meet. See video for techniques in using the Press-Ice tool.

Here’s an example video from FMM’s YouTube channel on how to use these fantastic Press-Ice Tools…


2. Take some of the red modelling paste and roll a strip of approximately 20cms in length, 3mm thick. Cut 5 lengths from the chevron cutter (cover with cling film to stop them drying out). Place 2 lengths around the top of your cake, using a very small amount of edible glue,and cut a third one to fit the remaining gap – try to ine up your pattern as best as possible. Then, place the remaining lengths around the bottom of your cake, ensuring that the rise and fall of the chevron matches the ones placed around the top.

3. Use the Funky Tappits to cut out the ‘Merry Christmas’ lettering in red and green modelling paste. The paste needs to be rolled approximately 3mm with a little cornflour from the dab-a-dust to help tap the letters out.

4. Allow the letters to dry for a minute or two, then arrange on the parchment paper (this will help you get the spacing right, without marking the top of your white cake). Once you are happy with the layout, fix the letters to the top of your cake with a little edible glue.

5.Tap out 9 red snowflakes from the Christmas tappit, using your dab-a-dust again to prevent any sticking, and fix to the centre of the diamond pattern with a little edible glue.

6. Next, pipe over your embossed diamond pattern (or use edible dragees- whatever you decide on). Pipe one colour at a time – all the green parts of the pattern, followed by the black.

7. Finally, fix a co-ordinating ribbon around your cake drum.




Here’s the downloadable PDF if you fancy saving this and printing it off for your tutorial collection…it’s FREE! > Here

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