Happy 2015 from PartyAnimalOnline

Happy 2015 from PartyAnimalOnline


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year. Time to eat some of your own gorgeous cakes instead of sending them all out to customers and the best part is in December non of the calories count….or so they tell me! Unfortunately we’ve ticked over January and calories now count again so it’s time to work hard, make lots of lovely customers cakes so you can do it all again ine 11 months time!

I wanted to bring you some key updates to ways to save you all extra pennies when shopping with us in 2015! We have been working hard to find ways to save you even more money and so we aim to be the cheapest, fastest and bring you the best customer service & experience possible. Here are some ways we’ve thought of to help us do this.

Saving You Money!


Online Store –

We will be doing daily and monthly sales on the shop! We will have special offers constantly available for you.. all you need to do to take advantage is visit our FEATURED PRODUCTS section on our online store. This is where we will be putting extra special offers on the shop but be sure to check them regularly to make sure you don’t miss out!

We will be offering bulk discounts off larger quantities, these goods can be seen in our BULK PACKS & WHOLESALE section on our website.

We are upgrading the shop to offer a Wish List for all our customers… this can help you plan your cake orders or Christmas & Birthday presents to yourself. This function should be active from February so watch this space!

Ebay Store –

We are offering Free 1st Class upgrade of postage to any orders that are over £3 and the postage will continue to be completely free!

We are now offering 10% off any Sugarflair or Rainbow Dust product when you buy 2 or more items… these can be mixed and matched!



PartyAnimalOnline has really enjoyed hosting a cake community on Facebook and has some great plans for 2015! Here’s a few of the things we have in mind…

MONDAY FAN SHARE – The opportunity to share your favourite made cakes with us!

★ TOP TIP TUESDAY ★ Our top tips when using products & decorating your cakes.

WEDNESDAY DISCUSSIONS  A chance to discuss cake decorating techniques, tips and torment!

★ THURSDAY RECIPE & TUTORIAL SHARES ★ Recipe & tutorial shares from PartyAnimalOnline & Fans for free.

★ FRIDAY SHARE & SHOUT OUTS ★ A chance to have your page shouted out by PartyAnimalOnline! Our thanks for shopping with us!

We will also be doing  FAN SHARE’s &  HELP FOR A FAN  posts to get you through the week!

Pop on and join in… it’s completely free, there’s a huge community of other cake decorators to chat to and each time we reach a new Milestone you guys will be rewarded with a new Giveaway to win yourselves fantastic free cake products or Gift Vouchers to spend with us!

Don’t Miss a Thing

It’s easy… don’t miss a thing by signing up to our Newsletter. The Newsletter with give you a monthly newsletter full of free tutorials, recipes and special offers and you will also receive an e-mail when we have star deals on so you don’t miss out. Your information will not be passed on and will be used by PartyAnimalOnline only, we also have the option to un-subscribe any time so sign up and don’t miss your chance to save more!

Join PartyAnimalOnline's Newsletter and don't miss a thing!
Join PartyAnimalOnline’s Newsletter and don’t miss a thing!

Wishing you all the very best for 2015! If you need anything we are always happy to help and we look forward to a great 2015 for us all! Thanks for your continued support.



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