Sunshine Cupcakes

Sunshine Cupcakes by Victorious Cupcakes

We have been feeling rather cold here this last couple of days at PartyAnimalOnline so we wanted to remind everyone that Summer is around the corner and we’ll soon be enjoying the beautiful sunshine again and so, to get us all in the mood for what is to come, we thought a tutorial on lovely Summery Cupcakes would cheer us all up!


Victoria worked along side Good To Know Recipes when creating these cupcakes and we hope you find them fun and easy to try yourself.

To make it a bit easier we’ve added any links to cake goods in case you haven’t already got them in your supplies! Enjoy!

All these products are extremely versatile so they can be used again and again for a range of designs. Another good tip is to buy brands like PME for the plungers, the cheap copies fall apart within days… commenting from experience! Now PME offer a 10 year warranty with all their products so you can feel safe in the fact that they may cost a quid or so more but you can rest easy!

Step 1:

Prepare your sugarpaste colours, you will need orange, yellow and black.


You can either buy your coloured sugarpaste or pre-colour yourselves. We always recommend staying away from the nasty supermarket colours, these leave your sugarpaste feeling horrible and sticky due to the quantity you need to add. Instead go with reputable brands like Sugarflair or Rainbow Dust Pro-Gels, they have long best before dates and they’ll last and last due to such a small amount being required. A beginners set is always a good choice as most colours can be made out of these..For example Red + Yellow = Orange.

Victorious Cupcakes recommends treating the Sugarpaste with Gum Trag the night before & sealing well before use, this will allow your toppers to dry firm without cracking. To treat sugarpaste use approximately 1tsp to every 250g. Colour your paste for the appropriate colours once the gum trag has had time to work.


Step 2:

Cut out 2 sunflowers one in tangerine and one in yellow using the PME Sunflower plunger cutters.


Step 3:

Place the yellow Sunflower on top of the orange Sunflower, use a dab of water to stick them together.


Step 4:

Cut the circles to fit the inside of the sun shape, big enough to add detail (about 3cm).


Step 5:

Cut two smaller circles using the small circle PME plungers cutters (14mm) and cut the tops off to create your sunglasses. Attach with a dab of water or edible glue.


Step 6:

Draw your smile on with a red edible pen.



Step 7:

Finish off with a bit of blush using Sugarflair Tangerine Blossom Dust. Use a dry brush and tap off any excess before giving your lovely sunshine the blushed finish.


Now all we have to do is wait patiently for the sunshine… but this has really brightened our day!

Have a go and enjoy and don’t forget to pop by Victorious Cupcakes Facebook Page for more awesome cakes & tutorials.


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