Chalkboard Cakes

Chalkboard Cakes


chalk_board3Here at PartyAnimalOnline we’ve been looking in to the latest trends to hit 2015 and there’s some fantastic beautiful cake trends emerging as well as some of the long standing old faithful’s. Over the next year we’ll be bringing you the latest and filling you with inspiration and ideas on how to bring them to life yourself!

With the Chalkboard Cake theme the vintage feel has stayed, colours of Spruce Greens, Dusky or Blush Pinks as well as Browns have stayed really strong and lots of orders are being placed for the chalk themed cakes for 2015. I have to say I love this idea…. finally a black cake that we DON’T have to worry about getting icing sugar or cornflour marks on! Phew.


The picture above was a cake made by the seriously talented Liz Marek from the Artisan Cake Company, Liz also has tutorials out that teaches you how to create these amazing Vintage Styled Cakes.


The above cakes were also made by Artisan Cakes, Liz Marek.


This chalkboard cake was made by Tanya at Deliciously Decadent.


Chalkboard cakes with lovely 4″ deep cakes making for an extra tall and impressive cake. This one was made by Sugablossom Cakes.


A cute child-like play on the Chalkboard Cake certainly melts our hearts…but don’t be fooled no child could make cake edges that sharp & perfect… the above cake was made by Sweet Love Cake Couture . It’s really different to any others I’ve seen.. simple and extremely elegant!

Artisan Cake Company
Artisan Cake Company

Create a Chalkboard Cake…

  • Don’t worry about getting white smudges of cornflour or icing sugar when rolling out your black sugarpaste… in fact encourage it!
  • Mix Sugarflair Superwhite with Rejuvenator liquid  or vodka to create your chalk paint.
  • Use a fine brush to add detail… or one of those H20 brushes
  • Best of all, if you smudge a adds to the effect!


Eat My Cake even took it to the next level and created the Chalkboard effect on cookies. Awesome!


Good Luck and enjoy the latest trend of 2015!

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