Using FMM Tappits

Using FMM Tappits

There’s lots of different types of tappits available from FMM Sugarcraft and in this blog we are going to share their handy downloadable PDF with you as well as sharing some tips we have picked up when using FMM Tappits and some beautiful example cakes of using our favourite Block Alphabet Tappits.

We’ll start you off with using FMM Tappits by FMM Sugarcraft.

Tappits are a unique way of creating decorative designs and lettering to suit all levels of sugarcrafters from beginners to advanced. It is an easy way to decorate and complement cakes for all types of occasions. To achieve good definition it is advisable to use a good quality flower paste. Dust a non-stick board lightly with a little cornflour or cornstarch, then roll out a strip of the flower paste in the chosen colour, very thinly, as you would for flower petals. Place the strip running top to bottom on the board and lightly dust the surface with cornflour/cornstarch. Select the Tappit, placing the cutter across the strip:

(Illustration A)

Using Tappit Tutorial
Using FMM Tappit Tutorial, the font printed here is The Old English Alphabet Tappits.


Press the Tappit firmly onto the paste, move the cutter backwards and forwards to get a clean cut. Tilt the Tappit towards you and peel off the excess paste.

If you are using a design Tappit, before releasing the shape gently press down on the design using a finger dusted in cornflour/cornstarch or a piece of sponge foam: this will pick up the embossing fine detail from the cutter. To remove the design, hold one end of the cutter tapping the other end firmly on the edge of the board/table to release.

(Illustration B)



The shapes can be attached straight away to the cake and secured using edible glue. To achieve a two-dimensional effect the design/letter pieces can be dried and used as free-standing decorations. Use royal icing or softened sugar paste to secure in position. Additional colour may be painted onto the dried Tappit designs using a selection of paste or dust colours mixed with a little clear alcohol.

Our current Tappits are as follows:

We’ve linked all the Tappits to save you time finding more information. This quick link will give you further tips & advice as well as a great price for you to buy them. Those not linked are not currently available from PartyAnimalOnline.

Download FMM Sugarcraft PDF to print it up > HERE

Top tips for using Tappits… roll your flower paste thin!

Using FMM Tappits

Tips & Advice from PartyAnimalOnline & Fans

If you struggle getting your modelling paste out of FMM Tappits try these really great tips and never struggle again!

1.  ALWAYS use Flower / Modelling Paste or treated Sugarpaste with Tylo (Approx 1tsp to 250g & wait 6 hours)

2.  Roll your paste thin… you need to be able to see through it almost!

3.  Dust a light lustre of Cornflour on your cutters and paste before you cut. This stops the paste from sticking.

4.  Once you’ve rolled your paste thin, walk away and pop the kettle on if you leave it 3-5 minutes before cutting it releases so much easier!

5.  If all else fails then the TOP TIP is to put a layer of cling film over the paste before cutting, cut your letters and then remove the clingfilm, it acts as a barrier making it impossible for the paste to stick to the cutters!


Examples of FMM Block Tappits by PartyAnimalOnline Customers

Click on the pictures to see more of this wonderful artists work. In each picture the lettering used are the FMM Block Alphabet Tappits.

Cakes by She Who Bakes
Cakes by She Who Bakes


Cupcake by Victorious Cupcakes.
Cupcake by Victorious Cupcakes.


Mayo Cake by The CUP Cakery
Cake by The CUP Cakery using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits.


Cake by Cakes and Toppers by Charlotte using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits.
Cake by Cakes and Toppers by Charlotte using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits.


Cake by Judy Ryder shared on our Facebook Page using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits
Cake by Judy Ryder shared on our Facebook Page using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits


Thanks for those who shared your wonderful cakes with us! We hope this blog helps you make the most of your Tappits!

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