Top 10 Tools for Cake Decorating

Top 10 Tools for Cake Decorating

I have aimed this towards beginners but it may be that you know your cake decorating well and you are ready to create your business but feel you are not getting the full professional finish you desire. Well in this Top 10 tools for cake decorating we’ll let you know just why each product helps with those straight edges, sharp finishing and professional looking cakes.

Remember if you are wanting to get involved long term, the quality of the product matters greatly. This is the difference of a professional finish and ease of achieving it. Quality brands will offer lifetime guarantees, keep a great resale value and offer the best results. We recommend always going with trusted brands and you don’t have to pay a fortune to do that!

1. PME Tilting Turntable

Tilting Turntable PME

The tilting top can be adjusted to angle the cake for ease when working on the cake sides by using the easy tilt action. With such a variable range of adjustment, and a non-slip top and bottom, you can always be assured of achieving your exact requirements.

2. PME Modelling Caddy

PME Tool Caddy

It contains a good basic set of 14 tools for all your sugarcraft modelling and sugar flower making needs. Allowing you to get started with creating toppers and designs for your cake!
This set also comes in a handy caddy for easy storage. PME goods also offer a 10 year guarantee!

3. A Non Stick Rolling Pin

PME Non-Stick Rolling Pin Large

Using a non-stick rolling pin enables you to minimise the use of dusting materials e.g. icing Sugar, cornflour and flour helping to create a professional finish. Covering cakes is hard enough when you’re starting out!
Learn how to avoid cracking and tearing on our ‘Sugarpaste Kneading Technique’ Blog.

4. FMM Cake Smoother

FMM Cake Smoother

 Cake smoothers will help smooth out your sugarpaste once applied giving the professional finish to your cake and smoothing out any lumps or bumps!
FMM offer a lifetime guarantee on their products so certainly worth the investment!

5. Piping Tubes

Beginners Set of Piping Tube Nozzles

I’d recommend getting Tubes 1, 2, 3, 7 and 42 to start with. These are the most used tubes for cake decorating.
This beginners set consists of 5 PME stainless steel piping nozzles. There are 3 writing nozzles, a rope nozzle which will also make fine shells and rosettes, and a star nozzle.

6. Marzipan Spacers

These are fantastic for getting an even depth of Sugarpaste or Marzipan, depending on which way you rest the spacers you can roll to a thickness. 10mm – perfect for marzipan or thicker sugarpaste coverings, or 6mm – excellent for most sugarpaste coverings giving your cake an even covering!

7. Alphabet Cutters

FMM Alphabet Cutters

Getting good cutters for inscriptions a must. These finish off your cakes with a beautiful neat ‘Happy Birthday’ or whatever your cake may be celebrating. Our favourites are the FMM Block Alphabet Set, they are our best sellers!
Learn great tips on using the FMM Tappits over on our ‘Using FMM Tappits Blog’

8. Non-Stick Board

CelCakes Non Stick Modelling Boards

Great for cutting out shapes & lettering on and a must have for cake modelling and figures. This board by CelCakes is a must have, use either the veined side for flowers & leaves or plain side for general use. It includes a non-slip mat with it which stops it sliding about!

9. Reusable Savoy Piping Bag

FMM Reusable Piping Bags

This FMM reusable piping bag is made from nylon and has a closed end, so you can cut to the size of your nozzle. Your tube can either be dropped straight into the bag or a piping tube attachment can be used to screw in place. They can be easily washed saving you loads of money!

10. Palette Knife

Ateco Palette Knife

A must for coating your cake, mixing your buttercream, creating royal icing. A very handy tool that you just can’t do without. We would recommend the 6″ straight palette knife as a starter tool but there’s more sizes & shapes available when you want to build on your collection.
There’s loads more bits to keep you going along the way but these pieces of equipment will give you a good head start with your cake business!

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