Hen Party Cupcake Toppers

Hen Party Cupcake Toppers

Hen Party Cupcakes
Hen Cupcakes with Cake It To The Max PartyAnimalOnline

For my wonderful friends Hen Party I made some ‘well behaved’ cupcake toppers. As much as I thought it would be down right hilarious to make phallic looking objects out of sugarpaste and pop them on top of the cupcakes for all to admire.. I thought better of myself….this is a public blog for PartyAnimalOnline after all, so instead, I have made some cupcakes suitable for all ages to see, to add a little bit of ‘dignity’ to the hen party with little effort and at least this way they are more Mum & Grandma appropriate!


I made them in the style of Learner Plates and Tattoo Styled script. I chose colours of reds & blues with a Nutella frosting but there’s nothing to stop you choosing any colour selection you would like as Renshaws do a lovely range of flower paste in 8 different colours. I used our tried & tested Caramel Toffee Cupcakes & Nutella Frosting recipe.

What You Will Need

Step 1: Knead and roll your read modelling paste until it’s nice and thin, the thinner the better as it takes less time to dry. Use your Windsor Clikstix to cut 12 ‘L’ shapes for your learner plates out the modelling paste. I find cutting it in a strip the easiest way to get quick letters, as shown in the picture. Eject the ‘L’ letter with the easy ejectors on the Windsor Clikstix and pop them on the side to dry whilst creating your squares.


Step 2: For the square you can either use the Windsor Clikstix Square cutters or simply make a template of the size you want the square with some paper and then cut the modelling paste with a knife to the template. Once you have made 12 squares… sometimes a good idea to make a few spares for those that go a little wrong…there’s always a few breakages etc. Once done use a little edible glue to attach the ‘L’ shape to the white square and leave to set on the side.


Step 3: Roll a little more red modelling paste out, as fine as the others and simply cut 12 hearts using your heart cutters. Then set aside whilst you create your scroll design.


Step 4: I used a little template by drawing the shape I wanted the scroll to be, this ensures they are all a similar size and simply cut them in to a straight forward rectangle. Once you have done that cut a ‘V’ out of each end of the rectangle as shown below. You can then simply bend the scroll slightly to create a wave in it. As shown in the picture below.


Step 5: Add a small amount of glue to the back of your scroll and attach it to your heart in the position you would like it, I chose to go for a slight diagonal angle..


Step 6: I recommend doing the first part up until this point a few hours before, this will give the flower paste time to set and make it easier for writing on the sugarpaste with edible pen without the risk of it bleeding in to the sugarpaste. I did mine all in the same session so it can be done but for the best results leave them to set first.


Step 7: Once your flower paste has been left to dry for a couple of hours, use the edible black pen to write whatever you fancy on your scroll… it can get as cheeky as you like! However I stuck to ‘reserved’ cupcakes 😉 such as ‘HENS’ – ‘BRIDE TO BE’ – ‘MR & MRS’ & ‘RUTH’ for the Bride To Be of course! The edible pens also are available in a range of colours so if you are going for pastel colours you can choose a more subtle colour to fit your Hen Party Cupcake Toppers theme.


Step 8: Leave them to dry and make your cupcakes… by the time they have cooled and you’ve added the frosting of your choice these will be ready to go straight on the top!hen_cupcakes9

Feel free to ask any question about products used, I’ve tried to add most the links in the top in the ‘What You Will Need’ list. Everything used in this blog is of course available from our dedicated online shop – PartyAnimalOnline: helping you Cake It To The Max! Hope you like our Hen Party Cupcake Toppers, we’d love to hear what you think!





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