Using Chocolate Transfer Sheets

The new PartyAnimalOnline transfer sheets have arrived and we’ve already been playing with the designs, we are testing quality and creating some new fun tutorials for you and your family to try out this summer. I wanted to bring you some extra information on them to help you with the fact and fiction of chocolate transfers.

So my aim with this blog post is to inform you of what chocolate transfer sheets are and to inspire you on different ways to use them! We will be following this blog up with multiple free tutorials for you to try out with our wide range of chocolate transfer sheets.

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Enough already, what are chocolate transfer sheets?

Chocolate transfer sheets are clear sheets of acetate embossed with coco butter and powdered food colour to help create a transferable design.

A little misconception of Chocolate Transfer Sheets is that they can only be used with chocolate… in fact the truth is you can use them with melted candy buttons, royal icing, chocolate and even fondant, sugarpaste and marzipan… but that gets a little more complicated… don’t worry we’ll cover it!

They are essentially used to make edible creations look super pretty by adding a different spin on the design, it also beats spending hours hand painting…especially if hand painting isn’t your forte! Chocolate transfer sheets can also be cut easily in to different shapes for minimal waste.

How Do I Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets with Chocolate

Chocolate and Candy Melts work the best with the smallest amount of effort… to transfer the design of the chocolate sheets they just need to warm up.. hot chocolate and candy buttons help this take place naturally. Simply place your sheet down and spread the chocolate over the top, allow to fully set and then peel the chocolate from the mat, the print will be left on the chocolate and the acetate will now be completely blank.

How Do I Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets with Fondant or Marzipan

This is slightly more complicated, mainly as the transfer is harder to get perfect and you have to be careful to keep the sheet in the same position otherwise it can smudge. Here’s a video that has really helped me. All you need is a hair dryer, your chocolate transfer sheet of choice and your rolled fondant or marzipan. Thanks to Whimsical Cakes UK for sharing this tip!

Ideas for using Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Here are some ideas we have come across so far for chocolate transfer sheets, next week we will be bringing you several free tutorials from our collection on how to make the most of them using some of the following ideas.

Chocolate dipped Oreo’s…. our White Stripe Transfer would work great for these simple delicious treats. Add toppers to suit your theme. Tutorial to follow soon!

Chocolate Transfer Oreo's


This handy YouTube video shows two methods on creating your chocolate covered Oreo’s.

Chocolate transfer bow.. It is easier than it looks… I promise! It looks great as a centrepiece on top of a yummy rich chocolate cake…perfect for those chocoholics out there.



Chocolate Transfer Bow

Or why not try your very own Crunch Bars… these are so simple for making with the kids this summer. Or cut them in to hearts for lovely individual wedding favours!

Chocolate Transfer Crunch Bar


I still have lots to do! So far we have been really pleased with the results and we are looking forward to doing more tutorials to follow! Check out YouTube in the meantime, there’s loads of really helpful videos on there to get some extra free tips and advice.

Feel free to ask any questions on using Chocolate Transfer Sheets, either here or on our Facebook Page, G+ Community or Twitter! We are social, friendly and happy to help 🙂



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