White Chocolate Crunch Bars Recipe

White Chocolate Crunch Bars Recipe

Fancy making your own white chocolate crunch bars? Not only that but making it super fancy using easy chocolate transfers? Well YOU can!


White Chocolate Crunch Bars

I can image these cut into little hearts using sharp cookie cutters and giving them as a wedding favour! For ours we stuck to normal squares as it was a good excuse to trial the new chocolate transfer sheets!

All you will need…
White Chocolate
Food Colour (Preferably Powdered)
Chocolate Transfer Sheet
Rice Krispies
Palette Knife

1. We used the PME Melting Pot to melt our chocolate but you could microwave it… you’ve just got to be really careful not to cook it for too long otherwise it’ll burn your chocolate. Do a few seconds at a time and stir in between… otherwise if you have a melting pot it’s easy, just turn on and pop your chocolate in…no burning and no worrying!


2. Using the melting pot also allows you to use separate bowls for different colours as it comes with 3 melting pots. This is great for the stage when we want to add a little colour and keep it warm at the same time. We used Sugarflair Peppermint as the colour and it mixed OK but I would probably suggest powders in future as they won’t cause problems with the chocolate.. the water in the paste and gel food colours can sometimes cause chocolate to stiffen and not allow it to pour as well. Try Sugarflair Blossom Powders or Rainbow Dust Plain & Simple Range for guaranteed success! Also great if you want a brighter or deeper second colour for more of a contrast!


3. Place your chocolate transfer sheet embossed side up so it bonds to the chocolate when poured. Try and use a nice flat surface and keep the transfer sheet in the same place whilst spreading your chocolate, this will give you a clear transfer result and reduce the chance of smudging.

4. Essentially we are working with 3 layers of chocolate and 1 layer of rice krispies…that is how easy it is! To start, pour your white chocolate on to your transfer sheet and spread it across with your palette knife to cover the complete sheet. At this point give your chocolate 10 minutes to thicken before adding your second layer, no need to refrigerate at this point, you need the hot chocolate to melt the transfer properly so it transfers completely. I recommend not rushing this stage especially if like me you want to see the results immediately.


5. While you are waiting for the first layer to thicken and set, move on to colouring your chocolate.. As described in stage 2, we recommend using powders rather than pastes or liquids for better results, add a small amount to your chocolate and stir well until completely blended.

6. The next stage can all be done at once. First add a layer of the coloured chocolate over the first layer of white chocolate, then sprinkle with your rice krispies being careful not to push them down too much… you don’t want them pressing through damaging your fancy chocolate transfer pattern. To finish pour your third and final layer of chocolate on.. whichever colour you fancy! We chose to keep to the colour so one side was white and the other was a very nice vintage green which tied in well with the Aqua Green Floral Swirl design we used on the front.


7. Finally at this stage you can pop it in the fridge. We found allowing it to set slightly before cutting was the best, once it’s set but not solid… around 20 minutes… cut the shape you want with a sharp knife, you can make this easier by heating the knife slightly. Once done leave for 1 hour to completely set and when you pull it out you’ll be able to easily snap your chocolate where you have already cut it in to cute fancy crunch bars!

White Chocolate Crunch Bars

I love this idea and the possibilities are endless… you could create shapes… use moulds instead and lining the base with your transfer sheet or add popping candy instead of rice krispies for a super sweet popping treat! Have a play and let your imagination go wild.

We hope you enjoy our white chocolate crunch bars as much as we did!

Find out more about Chocolate Transfers here with our blog!

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