How To Make A Chocolate Bow

How to make a chocolate bow to sit on top of your cake:


This is a mini tutorial on how to create a chocolate bow including transferring a delicate pattern on to your bow. If you don’t wish to use a patterned sheet do the same but use plain acetate with no pattern on. Our full comprehensive tutorial including PDF download will be available on our website soon!

What You Will Need

You will need other bits like greaseproof paper, grid paper for drawing your templates on too and I definitely recommend the PME melting pot but you can manage without

1. First of all you need to draw your bow out. You will need the following for your design.choc_bow1

2. Draw the strips to scale, the bigger the cake the larger the scale. For a fully downloadable version including templates our PDF copy will be available on our website very soon!


3. Using a sharp craft knife, ruler and your template – cut the shapes required from your chocolate transfer sheet in your chosen design.


4. As you can see the chocolate transfer bends easily to give you the required shape… now for the chocolate!


5. For our tutorial we used PME Candy Buttons which have a lovely vanilla flavour and work out much more cost effective than chocolate, they are also great for allowing the pattern to transfer easily over giving a perfect finish! To melt the candy buttons for our chocolate bow we used the PME Melting Pot, this was fantastic and kept the candy in liquid form the whole time without over cooking it… so much easily than doing it in the microwave and having to re-heat it all the time!


6. Use greaseproof paper to put your chocolate sheet cut outs on and you are ready to add the chocolate! It is very important that you have your transfer sheet cut outs facing the right way… the slightly embossed side should be face up.


7. We used a palette knife to smoothly spread the chocolate along the top, leave for 5 seconds and then peel away and place in a space on the greaseproof that’s not being used.


8. As you can see below, you are then left with a thin layer of chocolate the can now be bent in to shape before it sets. Candy buttons dry faster than chocolate so require to be done slightly quicker, the perfect point at which to fold the bow is when the chocolate has begun to solidify but is still pliable allowing movement.


9. Fold the strip in half and leave propped up against a petal former to set giving your bow a lovely shape.


10. You should have ten pieces in the end that will be fully dry within the next 10 minutes!


11. Your long pieces make the parcel. The key is not to let them touch so you can easily peel away the acetate leaving the patterned chocolate finish!


12. Once the candy buttons have fully set, the acetate will be easy to pull off the chocolate leaving it’s lovely pattern embedded within the chocolate. Chocolate transfers are completely edible and made using cocoa butter so the entire thing is 100% edible once the acetate has been removed!


13. Prepare to stick your bow together, for this you will need a little more melted chocolate… with the PME melting pot the chocolate will still be as a liquid so easy to do.


14. Dip the tip in the chocolate or candy buttons, this is what holds the whole thing together!


15. Starting with the base layer build up your bow!


16. Move on to the second layer, it should all be firm enough to hold together well.


17. You’re done, allow 10 minutes to set and amaze your guests with this gorgeous, extremely tasty cake topper! If you liked this tutorial we will also be showing you other ways to use the fabulous chocolate sheets in our upcoming blogs! Watch this space!

For the full downloadable PDF with a much more comprehensive tutorial visit our website… it will be coming soon!

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