Health Kick Protein Ice Cream

Health Kick Protein Ice Cream

Welcome to the first post of our Health Kick category as part of Party Animal Online. Before I start with the recipe for the Protein Ice Cream I wanted to let you know a little about why we have started this and why I am so excited about it.

Some of you may have spoken to me on the phone, via email/eBay messages, live chat or even on the Facebook page however as much as I love my job I have hobbies outside of Party Animal Online. A little over a year ago I started a weight loss journey to improve my health more than anything, currently I have a weight loss total of 106lb (which is apparently just over the weight of a 2 month old horse!) Over this time I have learnt that I can still lose weight whilst not depriving myself of delicious foods.

I love coming up with recipes, reading other recipes and recreating them or altering them such as this Health Kick Protein Ice Cream….

Protein Ice Cream Finished in Baking Cups with Striped Straws


250g Frozen Berries (I used a Summer Fruit Mix)

50g Vanilla Protein Powder (I use My Protein Powder)

100ml Milk (just your standard milk or you could use almond milk)

(Optional sweetening such as honey, sweetener or agave)

Water as needed.

Step One

I like to weigh all of my ingredients out first and put them in separate containers (although not many for this recipe) I find it helps me to work more methodically plus it means I can write down exactly how much I am using so I can track all my Macros later on.

Protein Ice Cream Ingredients

Step Two

Add your berries (still frozen) into your blender (I am using a Smoothie Maker for this recipe) then add in your Protein Powder as well as all of your milk. Add around 30ml of cold water at this point and begin to blend)

Adding ingredients to Protein Ice Cream

Step Three

It may take a while for your berries to blend however as they defrost a little they should begin to mix in well with the Protein Powder, push down any that has collected at the sides and then add a splash more water if needed.

Step Four

Once everything is blended together give it a taste, if you feel as though it could do with sweetening up add some of your chosen sweetening (I liked the sharpness of the berries with the Vanilla Protein Powder so added nothing further)

Protein Ice Cream Blended and looking a lovely shade of Magenta

Step Five

Put it in a tub with a lid and pop in the freezer for around 3-4 hours, I would suggest getting the Protein Ice Cream out of the freezer around 5 minutes before eating to soften up a little. I then popped in a couple of scoops into our Baking Cups with a Striped Straw for decoration purposes.

Protein Ice Cream Finished in Baking Cups with Striped Straws

Nutritional Information

For the ingredients I used the nutritional information for 105g of the Protein Ice Cream is;

Calories- 105

Fat- 1g

Carbs- 7.6g

Sugars- 6.9g

Protein- 9.5g








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