Petal Ruffle Tutorial

Petal Ruffle Tutorial by Let’s Eat Cake

Ruffle Petal Tutorial by Charlotte from Let's Eat Cake
Ruffle Petal Tutorial by Charlotte from Let’s Eat Cake

Our lovely guest blogger Charlotte from Let’s Eat Cake has been busy creating gorgeous cakes and letting you in on all the secrets! What a star!

Today we have a quick behind the scenes Petal Ruffle Tutorial and it looks awesome.


What you will need:-

Step 1: Start by rolling your paste very thinly. Be sure to use flower paste with a non stick rolling pin.ruffle3

Step 2: Using the 5 petal cutter, cut out several blossom shapes and place onto the foam pad.


Step 3: Soften the edges of each petal using a ball tool.ruffle5

Step 4: Apply a little edible glue to the centre of one of the blossoms.


Step 5: Attach a second layer of petals, making sure the top petals overlap the first layer. Repeat for all of the blossoms (two are needed for each ruffle).


Step 6: Carefully fold the blossom in half.


Step 6: Fold the blossom back on itself and ‘scrunch’ into shape.


The ruffle from the side…..


Step 7: Place the ruffles into a foam former to dry for around 5-10 minutes – just so the petals hold their shape


Step 8: Brush the base of the cake with edible glue.


Step 9: Add the first ruffle, using the celpin (the end of a paint brush also works well) to secure to the cake.

Use the end of the pin to move the petals into the desired position..

Step 10: Continue adding the ruffle all the way around the base of the cake.


Step 11: When the first layer is complete, begin adding the second layer from where you originally started.

The finished ruffles – to create the ombre effect, add white flower paste to the original colour started with. I added more white every two layers.


A huge thank you to Charlotte for sharing this ruffle petal tutorial with us! You can check out her Facebook Page at Let’s Eat Cake for more awesome stuff like this and remember we have all the cake supplies at great prices on our website too 🙂

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