Chocolate Sprinkle Strawberries

Chocolate Sprinkle Strawberries

Chocolate and Sprinkle Covered Strawberries

I have been enjoying watching the tennis, so I thought I would follow on from the Chocolate Covered Strawberries with this other delicious summery treat of Chocolate Sprinkle Strawberries. The tutorial is very similar to the Chocolate Covered Strawberries so you could make them both on the same day.


Ingredients and Essentials

Strawberries with Cake Pop Sticks Inserted

Step One

Pop the stalks from out of the strawberries and then push the Cake Pop Stick in the strawberry, do this until you have the required number of ‘Strawberry Pops’ . Whilst you are doing this pop the kettle on to boil the water for the Choco Writers.

Choco Writers in jug of hot water

Step Two

Lay the strawberries out onto board or a baking tray and then pop the Choco Writers into a jug of hot water until the chocolate is full melted (I didn’t find the tubes were too hot once taken from the water but you might want to check before letting children handle them)

Dipping Strawberries in Sprinkles

Step Three

Now you need to drizzle a little of the chocolate in a pattern or just on the end of the strawberry, then dip into your sprinkles or sparkles before the chocolate dries.

Strawberries Dipped in Blue Magic Sparkles and Gold Sugar Crystals

Step Four

Once you have made your Chocolate Sprinkle Strawberries allow them to harden up (should only take around 10 minutes) then either eat straight from the board or wrap them up using the Cake Pop Bags. Then enjoy your Chocolate Sprinkle Strawberries….

Chocolate covered strawberries in cake pop bags

For more guilt free treats have a look at the rest of our Health Kick recipes or for a cheat meal recipe have a look at this tempting treat of White Chocolate Crunch Bars or why not have a go at making this Chocolate Basket to pop in your covered strawberries?!




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