Swirl Design Chocolate Oreos

Swirl Design Chocolate Oreo’sswirl_chocolate_oreos12

In this post we will be making swirl design chocolate dipped oreo’s and showing you exactly how we did it. This is a really lovely, easy and pretty cheap present! The cost is literally a pack of Oreo’s + 1 bag of candy buttons + 1 chocolate transfer sheet. Around £8 tops for everything… much cheaper than making a cake and it’s loads of fun, there’s no need to even switch the oven on!

I find that one pack of PME candy buttons does just over 1 pack of Oreo’s. I made around 60 Oreo’s for a friends wedding earlier this year and managed to get just over 60 out of three packs so you can make them go further! Also 1 chocolate transfer sheet will do a whole pack of Oreo’s, be sure to use a template circle that is just a couple of millimetres bigger than the Oreo to ensure you get the most for your money.

Makes approximately 1 pack of Oreo’s (12)

Swirl Design Chocolate Oreos


PME Melting Pot


Step 1 :

Melt the chocolate, I have used this awesome contraption by PME called the PME Melting Pot, you don’t have to use this, you can just melt it in the microwave or in a bowl above water on the hob but this keeps your chocolate melted without burning it!! It’s been one of my favourite investments as it just saves so much time on reheating the melts. To warm up it takes around 20-30 minutes… so it’s best to get in the habit of leaving it on while you prep everything else, once it’s melted your chocolate simply turn the setting to 1 instead of 2 and leave your melts there happily melted for however long it takes you to dip them all!


Step 2 :

While your chocolate is happily melting start preparing your circles. This is SUPER IMPORTANT make sure you have the chocolate transfer sheet the correct way round! The correct way is the smooth way facing up, as in the printed design should be faced down…you don’t want your pen altering the design by marking it the wrong way round.


Step 3:

Cut all your little circles out ready to put on top of your Oreo’s. You can tell which side needs to be face down when you put them on top of the Oreo as you can feel the embossed design from the printed cocoa butter. Once they have been cut, face the embossed side down so you can simply pick them up and put them on the right way.


Step 4:

It’s time for the fun! Tap your Oreo off lightly, this gets rid of any bits and stops your nice white chocolate getting all speckled. Then pop the Oreo in the chocolate, give it a turn with your fork until covered and then tap the excess before lifting it out and putting it on baking paper. I found a fork to be best, it allows the excess chocolate to easily escape, leaving you a nice, even finish and allowing you to be more conservative with the chocolate so it goes further!


Step 5:

Pop the Oreo down on your baking paper, I suggest dipping around three at a time and then adding the transfers, this stops them from drying too much and ensures that the transfer works! Dip 3, add transfer sheets to 3, smooth 3 then repeat.


Step 6:

We used a smoother on the sheet on top of the Oreo to get a nice flat finish…this is optional, you could just use your fingers to press it down and smooth out any air bubbles 🙂 Once you have pressed all the chocolate transfers down on top of the Oreo’s you will need to wait 30 minutes to an hour for them to completely dry. Do not put them in the fridge it can stop the cocoa butter transferring properly.


Step 7:

Once you have waited 30 minutes to 1 hour for them to dry… (if unsure wait the full hour) then you can simply peel back the acetate leaving your design of choice transferred on to your AWESOME chocolate Oreo’s. I love these swirl designs I used, they are our own chocolate transfers from PartyAnimalOnline and are available on our website for just £2.75 a sheet 🙂

Lilac Swirl Oreo’s
Aqua Swirl Oreo’s








So once they are all dry, they are ready to be eaten with no need to even switch on your oven! Keep an eye out for next time you see Oreo’s on offer and make this the weekend fun for the kids or the big kids!!

They would also make great Wedding Favours or Party Gifts by simply just popping them in the clear cake pop bags we have… they fit perfectly!




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