10 Cake Textures You Will Love

10 Cake Textures You Will Love

So texture isn’t just about the inside of the cake these days, it’s about making something unique, impressionable and down right gorgeous! Here’s some of our favourite ways to use textures to impress when cake decorating.

1. Rustic Royal Icing – Give these designs a go, using a palette knife with a royal iced finish, alternatively you can also do these designs in buttercream if you are not wanting a completely white finish… pretty them up with sugar flowers for details. You can get Royal Icing Mix and all you have to do is ‘just add water’.


2. Ruffles & Sequins – Yes, it is technically two techniques but my gawwd they go well together! Check out Kara’s Couture homemade sequin tutorial for an easy way to create your very own edible sequins in the video below!texture1

3. Wood Effect – There’s many ways to create these types of texture. I love this one by Ella’s Celestial Cakes. On this awesome cake Ella has created textured buttercream rings on top and modelling chocolate bark on the sides with air brushing and hand painting. You can also get hold of impression mats that will do a lot of the hard work for you!ellascellestrialcakes

4. Mini Texure – Utilising your scissors can create an really sweet leaf effect for your Christmas Tree’s… cute toppers for cupcakes and Christmas Cake details. Don’t write off the equipment sat in the kitchen already!texture

5. Glitter Texture – A great way to make your cake shine! Be sure to use edible not non toxic glitters on your cake to stick to health & hygiene guidelines. Rainbow Dust do a 100% edible range that works great! I love what Kara has done with this simple and fun Halloween Cake!


6. Polka Dot Texture – Now there’s a really long and boring way of planning polka dots out that takes hours of frustration… OR… and it’s a big and awesome or… Use the FMM Press Ice, they do all the hard work of measuring for you, all you have to do is pipe a spot of royal icing to finish it off! Check out the how to tutorial below if you like the idea of this time saving technique.polka_texture

7. Knit Texture – Love this texture design, a great one although a little fiddly.  There’s always the easier option… use an knitting impression mat instead!texture_knit_weave

8. Lace Textured Cake – This is a hand piped lace cake with small ruffle detail. Lace has been huge this year and you can see why with this simple, yet elegant effect!bobetteandbelle

9. Elegant Brush Embroidery – Ok ok, if you haven’t checked out how to do this yet please see the tutorial I have included by SweetAmbs… It’s the best thing since sliced bread or rolling pins to keep it cake orientated!! Brush embroidery is done with a brush and royal icing, once dried you can highlight in metallic edible paint for this rather royal, gold finish.brush_embroidery_texture

10. 3D Triangle Texture – This effect is really pretty, taking a simple circle and folding it in to a triangle. Use a little bit of edible glue to attach your shapes and voila!! I would recommend using a bit of Tylose Powder with your fondant when doing these, it helps the fondant to dry firm and stops your shapes sagging! textures_preciouspeggys

On our Facebook Page we asked our customers to show us some ways on how they’ve been creating textures on their cakes and I have to say they’ve done such a fantastic job!

Cake below is by Daisychains Cakes – There’s loads of textures on this cake, using an airbrush to create a fur finish and the grass nozzle tube for piping the grass on the board! Just look at those eyes!!


Cake below by Fancy Cakes by Linda – Using the FMM wood embosser, Ceri has created a textured finish to her fence and bird box! Cutter are available to create the bird house and fencing… much easier than doing it all by hand!


Cake below by Hassalls Hand Baked Heaven – Gemma has used a number of cake tools as well as the stitching tool to create the realistic leather effect of the super fun Doc Martins cake, just too awesome for words if you ask me!


I hope you enjoyed this 10 Cake Textures You Will Love blog! For more textured cakes check out our post where are fans shared their designs!

Happy Baking Lovelies!

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