8 Creative Ombré Cake Designs

8 Creative Ombré Cakes to admire!

Ombré seems to have grown in strength year on year, it’s now one of the most popular wedding trends of the past 5 years! You could say it’s timeless, working in with the latest colour schemes and I have to say with the elegance it brings, you can see why it has stayed at the top!

Here’s 8 designs that will melt your Ombré loving heart!

1. Dusky Pinks with a floral finish, a cute idea to match your bridesmaid dresses up to your cake to create a lovely cascade of colour throughout. We would recommend Sugarflair Dusky Pink Food Colour to achieve this gorgeous colour for you cakes.

Ombré Cake Trends

2. Lemon to bring the sunshine – I like this design, using either Royal Icing or Buttercream depending on your preference add for an inviting simplicity taking us back to the rustic looks that have been so popular this year. A nice big hand made sugar flower to finish it off…. now I’m not going to pretend that part is simple! We recommend Rainbow Dust Lemon ProGel Food Colour to achieve this sunny finish. Picture by The Frosted Cake Shop.ombre_cake3

3. A four tier stacked Ombré Wedding Cake with cascading flowers…. it’s a delight! Go for grapes, violets and lilacs to achieve this combination.ombre_cake2

4. Creating Ombré Cakes with Daisies. This would make a really sweet Birthday Cake. Try using the PME Daisy & Marguerite Plunger to create your flowers in fondant, colour in turquoise to achieve your finish. Flowers will be big for Spring 2016!ombre_cake4

5. This Mint Dream is one of my favourites, using an airbrush they have created a stunning Ombré design and finished with Royal Icing and a stencil to create the ever so slightly embossed detail on the side. Fresh and Floral. We love it!ombre_cake5

6. Add some sparkle to your Ombré, don’t limit yourself, try cutting your hearts and getting some edible glitter to dip them in before attaching them to your cake design. This design is so satisfying but patience certainly needs to be your forté.ombre_cake6

7. Pretty and Pink Ombré – Why stick to just the outside of the cake when you can have it all! Use good quality food colours like Rainbow Dust ProGels or Sugarflair to ensure your food colour is bake stable and then split your mix baking the layers separately to achieve different depths of colour. To create darker layers just add extra food colour…simple! The Rose swirl finish on the outside finishes this cute cake off perfectly!ombre_cake

8. Our lovely customer Gemma from Hassalls Hand Baked Heaven, created this Smash Cake for a 1st Birthday and shared it with us on our Facebook Page! This simple airbrushed cake with handmade bunting really jumps out at you. That blue is beautiful! ombre_cake7

We would love to hear what you love about Ombré and which cake is your favourite. We love the Ombré designs that are set to be huge again in 2016!ombre_weddings



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