Make the Easiest Rose Ever

Make the Easiest Rose Ever!!


It’s simple. Thanks to FMM Sugarcrafts innovative product design team, we have an awesome new cutter to make life that little bit easier. They have put their heads together to come up with this magical and competitively priced piece of equipment. It promises great things and comes with a lifetime guarantee!



The thing we liked most about this design is; it benefits beginners, just as much as it benefits expert sugar artists. It will make your life so much easier. Just think, when you next have a sugar rose cascade to do, on the side of that wedding cake, consisting of 150, painstakingly elaborate sugar flowers! It’s going to be a godsend. Thank goodness for the inventors of this world.

easiest_rose2 - Copy

I have been undercover asking people what their honest opinions are of this cutter and so far it’s a full thumbs up from the cakers.

“I use it, I love it” shouted one cake decorator.

“I did the roses on my cake with one I used a mix of 50/50 petal paste with sugarpaste was a time saver,I did use a ball tool to thin the edges as well”

“Love this cutter!!! It worked great for me and was so easy to use”

So check out the tutorial and see what you think, will you Make the Easiest Rose Ever?

Let us know what you think about FMM’s latest invention in the comments below and if you haven’t tried it yet, we have it available on our website for just £5.49 for a limited time.

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