Colour Flo Cake Idea

Colour Flo Cake Idea

Colour Flo food colours from Rainbow Dust have arrived and we have some inspiration and cake eye candy here for you!colour_flo1

Colour Flo are a new range of concentrated food colours released by Rainbow Dust and we arebringing you this blog to give you some information on this new fab range and a lovely vibrant cake tutorial that has been created using the Rainbow Dust Colour Flo range.

These highly concentrated food colours, suitable for mixing into Royal Icing, Buttercream, pastry, cake mixes etc. The built in drop applicator allows for precision control, making it easy to achieve a wide range of shades one drop at a time with no need for cocktail sticks!

In addition to this, Colour Flo liquids can be used with your Air Brush. Use straight from the bottle and simply flush through with water or vodka when finished.

Colour Flo Liquid Food Colours

Usage: For each 1kg of cake, you should use no more than 4ml of colour. This is to keep within the EU guidelines when decorating cakes.
Colour Flo Liquid Colours

Flower Cake Quick Tutorial

Create stunning colours when using Turquoise & Spring Green Colour Flo with royal icing.









To make the flower decorations, we traced flower patterns onto a sheet of greaseproof paper, then piped over the pattern using a No 3 plain piping tube. Leave to dry overnight before securing onto your cake with Edible Glue. Simples!



A lovely range that is so versatile! Why not try this lovely cake design out too.

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