Silhouette Cakes

Silhouette Cakes

Silhouette Cakes are all the fashion, creating beautiful simplistic imagery on cakes, whether it be one tier or three!

The downside to Silhouette Cakes is the time it takes for cutting the design out. Many people print out images from the internet,trace them and hand cut them. Thanks to Marion Frost over at Patchwork Cutters. This is now a thing of the past! Cake Decorators can breath a sigh of relief!!

I have a feeling the range will continue to expand. For now here are some of our most popular Silhouette Cutters.

  • Family Silhouette
  • Wedding Silhouette
  • Countryside Silhouette cutters!



Silhouette Cakes
Family Silhouette Cutters – Patchwork Cutters
Silhouette Cakes
Wedding Silhouette Cutters – Patchwork Cutters
Countryside Silhouette Cutters
Countryside Silhouette Cutters – Patchwork Cutters


We have a collection ‘Silhouette Cutters’ if you fancy making your own Silhouette Cake the easy way!

Some handy tips:

  • Use modelling paste.
  • Use pre-coloured modelling paste, to avoid sticky hard to handle paste.
  • Roll thin, it will dry faster.
  • Use a little white alcohol or Isopropyl to lightly brush your cut out shapes. This will help get rid of any white marks left on the black icing.

Please post examples of your Silhouette Cakes on our Facebook Page. We do love seeing your creations. If you need any help or advice pop us a comment on this blog. One of our experienced cake decorators will answer it for you.


Happy Baking!

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