Tropical Cakes for the Summer

Tropical cakes: Ideal for the Summer

With all this amazing weather we have been having in the UK, I felt a sunny summer blog was needed.

Pineapples are everywhere and we are just loving the styles, shapes and textures they bring. You have got to see these cake ideas you can create with the fantastic new Karen Davies Pineapple Mould and Tropical Fruits perfect for all those Tropical Cakes.

Tropical Cakes - Textures

Creating Texture

Add depth to your cakes by using the texture for a full cake layers. It’s a lovely, easy way to create interest and the options in what design to go for are endless. We love the look that the Karen Davies Pineapple mould creates.

Karen Davies Tropical Cakes

Adding Colour

There’s many ways you can add colour to your textured designs.

Coloured Sugarpaste

Perfect for: A vibrant masterpiece.

Start with pre-coloured sugarpaste, this is a great option if you are after a particularly vibrant colour as it saves a lot of time pre-colouring sugarpaste or spending extra time adding excessive amounts of powdered colour. For example if you wanted your cake bright yellow; start with yellow sugarpaste and press it in to the mould to save you trying to dust your white sugarpaste yellow afterwards.

Blossom Dusts

Perfect for: A realistic finish.

We love the blossom dusts for adding extra depth. You can either dust this straight on to white or add extra depth to the yellow by using brown, dark green & black dusts to add shadows. Dust with a dry brush and be sure to tap off excess dust before applying to give a realistic, even finish. Highlight with white blossom tint for that extra pop.

Tropical Cakes - Blossom Dust Finish


Perfect for: Sparkle and Shine

If you want to jazz your cake up then you can add metallic edible colour easily by hand painting it on afterwards for smaller areas. We recommend the Rainbow Dust Metallic Paints as they are provide very good coverage and a nice metallic finish.

Tropical Cakes - Gold Pineapple

Time Saving Airbrushing

Perfect for: Larger areas.

If you have an airbrush, you can use white sugarpaste and simply airbrush the colour on afterwards. There are now so many colours available and they blend really well to create a quick realistic finish. Airbrushing does take a bit of practise but there’s so many great free tutorial videos on YouTube that you can follow. You’ll be an expert before you know it. We recommend the AirFlair Colours which now also come in Metallic & Glitter ranges as well as the standard matte colours.

Tropical Cakes

How Do I Use This Mould?

We’ve posted two fantastic videos from Karen Davies Sugarcraft to help show.

For the Pineapple Mould:

For the Tropical Fruit Mould:

Karen Davies has used a perfect combination of pale pre-coloured Sugarpaste and Blossom Dusts to create this incredibly realistic finish.

Have we inspired you to give some Tropical Cakes a go this Summer? We think they would look great on cupcakes as a textured cake topper too! Tell us what you think in the comments below.

It’s time to grab a slice…

Tropical Cakes

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