Smashing Pumpkins

Pumpkin carvers extraordinaire!
Pumpkin carvers extraordinaire!

My favourite time of year is fast approaching – Dressing up, Sweeties, Scaring as many people as possible and of course Pumpkin Carving!!

The kids love carving out their pumpkins and it becomes quite competitive in our house with Grandparents and Aunties and such, called upon to judge who has come up with and executed the best design!

But every year we are left with a couple of giant bowls full of orange innards and we are yet to find a recipe to use that we all like. We have tried;

-Pumpkin Curry Soup – I didn’t mind this too much, but my son Tobey absolutely hated it, and poured half a bottle of Ketchup in to compensate

-Pumpkin Pie – everyone had a polite bite and then curiously found other things to do, such as collecting their laundry from their rooms and even sweeping the patio! Good news on the housework front – epic fail on the pumpkin enjoyment

-Roasted Pumpkin chunks with salt and pepper – at this point we concluded that, as a family, we probably just don’t like pumpkins! But I am determined not to throw away this much food when there are so many other recipes out there!!


I have collected a few together and I may even secretly try them out pre-carving day, so that I can surprise everyone with the ultimate gorgeous use of every monster’s favourite winter squash

Pumpkin Chili

I do like the idea of this, but I imagine covering up the pumpkin taste with spices isn’t really entering into the spirit of the season, but the thought of a lovely warming chili is appealing. Might even cook it on the fire in true cowboy style!!

Pumpkin Butter

This seems really unusual so I should avoid the sighs of previous years when they are presented with pumpkin. Again.

Pumpkin Fudge
Can I go wrong with masses of sugar? I seriously doubt it!

Pumpkin Ice Lollies (Popsicles)

As long as we are snuggled up nice and warm, these lollies will be just lovely!

I’m hoping that we do find a recipe that we can fall in love with to use up all of our surplus from carving our works of art. But if not – I will keep on trucking!! After all  ‘Life is a journey, not a destination’ ( Ralph Waldo Emerson) Visit our cake community on Facebook – PartyAnimalOnline

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