Powder Puff Glitters

Sugarflair Powder Puff Glitters

Powder puff glitters are brand new from Sugarflair. We were really pleased to hear about this innovative design by Sugarflair after recent updates from Royal Mail.

Royal Mail has now restricted aerosols from being sent internationally as well as within the UK meaning that our well known and loved PME Lustre sprays will no longer be able to be sent through the post. We will still have these available for click & collect customers but everyone else I’m afraid we are no longer able to send them.

sugarflair powder puff glitter sprays

Sugarflair have been working hard to come up with a really awesome alternative and I must say they are great. They are the new Powder Puff Glitter Sprays, they are not an aerosol, they are completely operated by hand and there’s no pressurised or flammable content, this allows us to safely send them anywhere in the world!

About Powder Puff Glitters

  • 100% Edible
  • Alcohol Free
  • Environmentally Friendly

They are fantastic for getting areas that are more difficult to get with a blush. Perfect for sugar flowers, embellishing on swags and adding edible sparkle and glitz to your cupcakes and cakes. All Sugarflair powder puff glitters are Nut Free, GM Free and suitable for vegetarians. These powder puff glitters contain 10g of lustre food colour powder.

As they are pumped via hand and don’t have compressed air or harmful gasses for the ozone layer in them, they are much more environmentally friendly than the aerosol alternative!

Instructions for use

Hold approximately 10cm away from your creation and press down on the pump. Repeat until you achieve your desired effect. You can neaten any areas with a dry brush if required

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog of brand new products released. If you fancy giving these ones a go visit our Powder Puff Glitters Collection for great price with worldwide delivery options. Available in 8 beautiful colours to give your cakes that extra sparkle!

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