Going Silly Over Stencils! Patchwork Cutter & Stencil

For those whom are a perfectionist like myself, there is no more annoyance than when painting having a slight twinge of the hand and your paintbrush ends up halfway down your beautiful iced cake. I know Sally has previously wrote a blog about the Stencil & Cutter sets- but we do love them that much!

When Patchwork Cutters released their new Stencil and Cutter packs I was in awe at some of the designs and creations that could be made by using these, for such and easy to use product you can turn a simple cake into one that looks like you have been slaving away all night!!

The cutters are so easy to use and some of them were featured on the cakes at Cake International Manchester 2013

Such as this beautiful cake with effective stencilling and cutting this has been made using the Patchwork Cutter Open Rose  and makes a beautiful anniversary or wedding cake.


There are seven available Patchwork Cutters & Stencils available on our website and each and everyone of them has their own individuality and versatility about them. You can even create 3D designs with them!! This one has been made using the Daisy Patchwork Cutter & Stencil

Daisy stencil

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