Daffodil Sugar Flowers

Daffodil Sugar Flowers

An easy to follow Daffodil sugar flowers tutorial.

Spring has sprung and the flower of the month are Daffodils. They are bright vibrant and give everyone a much welcomed spring glow. When I see a daffodil I always invision the sunshine and say goodbye to those horrible cold days!

FMM Sugarcraft have created a new video tutorial for sugarcraft & cake decorators. So learn how to make a completely edible daffodil for a gorgeous spring cake topper now.

Watch this video for a full range of tutorials on Spring Flowers. It includes Daffodil, Primrose, Daisies & Lily of the Valley.

All the cutters and equipment are available from our Spring Flower Collection.

Here’s a full step by step of creating you Daffodil Sugar Flowers.

  1. Attach approx 6 small stamens to a half-length 24-gauge wire.
  2. Cut out the trumpet shape and frill the widest edge with a cocktail stick.
  3. Join the two straight edges together by wrapping around a paintbrush handle.
  4. Pinch the bottom edges together to make a neat cone shape and thread onto a wire. Allow to dry.
  5. Use the petal cutter to cut out from a Mexican Hat the main shape and vein with the Multi Flower veiner.
  6. Cut out a second layer of petals and emboss with the flower veiner.
  7. Soften all of the petal edges before securing the cut petals to the main flower shape.
  8. Thread the trumpet wire through the centres and secure, leaving a reasonable length of cone to the flower. Taper the back of the paste well.
  9. Pinch the tips of the petals and add a long diamond of light brown tape to the base of the cone.
Daffodil Sugar Flowers
Daffodil Sugar Flowers

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