Curved Words Wedding Cake

Curved Words Wedding Cake Tutorial using You & Me FMM Sugarcraft Cutters

This is a lovely simple idea for a Wedding cake by FMM. Grey and silvers are big this year! Give your grey a little sparkle by simply adding a touch of Sugarflair silver sparkle lustre to your design. Lustre is a food colour powder that can be dry brushed on to any design.

So let’s get started with what you will create and what you will need to achieve these results.


You & Me FMM Cutters for Cake Decorating



Firstly, roll out white modelling paste and cut out strips of paste approximately 1” thick. Using the ball tool ruffle 1 edge of the strip. Allow them to dry a little.

Next wet the top section of the bottom tier with the water pen. Attach 2 rows of white ruffles. Alternatively you can also use edible glue if you would prefer.

Add a small amount of grey progel food colour to the white modelling paste to make light grey modelling paste. Repeat process 1 and 2 above. Keep adding a small amount more progel each time you make another 2 rows of ruffles for the bottom tier. Each time the ruffles will be a little darker. This will create an ombre ruffle effect on the bottom tier of the cake.


Firstly roll out grey modelling/flower paste and cut out You & Me curved word inscription. Dry completely on the side of a 5” round polystyrene dummy.

Measure around the outside of the top tier of the cake and divide by 4.

Place a cocktail stick a small way in the cake all the way round.

Knead a small amount of white fondant and place in the craft gun. Extrude the fondant from the gun through the disc with the circle cut out.

Drape the white fondant string over the cocktail sticks, allowing it to loop between to make the design on the top tier of the cake. Refer to photograph.

Roll out grey modelling paste, cut out strips of paste using the straight frill cutter. Refer to photograph for the shape of the frill. Attach with water.

Attach the dry You & Me curved word inscription to the top of the cake with water. Place a white paper lolly stick discreetly behind to give the words support if necessary.

Finally, secure diamante chain around the bottom of the top and bottom cake tier.

Video Tutorial and Step by Step


As a result of just using the You & Me Cutters you can create a lovely topper and design the rest of the cake however you like.

  1. If the modelling paste is sticking to your tools or mat use the FMM Dab-a-Dust for dusting with either cornflour or icing sugar.
  2. Allow the modelling paste shapes to sit and firm up for a short time before attaching to the cake.

you & me wedding cake cutter

If you would like to try different text we also have a Mr & Mrs easy cutter in the same style!

mr & mrs sugarcraft cake cutter

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