Christening Topper Tutorial

An easy Christening topper tutorial for cupcakes

This is a really simple step by step using Rainbow Dust glitters that are 100% edible.  You could also use lustres or edible metallic paints. All f the above items are avaialble from the PartyAnimalOnline website. We have tried to save you time by adding in the links to purchase the items if you fancy giving these little cute toppers a go!


We have made this list presuming you already have round cutters at home but they ar also available from us if needed.

What you will need

Roll your flower paste about 2mm in thickness, this will help make a sturdy plaque, you can use any shaped plaque cutter to do this but on this occasion we used plain round cutters just a little bit smaller than the cupcake top. We recommend you cut them and leave them to dry for 24 hours, this will mean they are nice and firm.

Christening Toppers

Top Tip: You can also make your own flower paste and modelling paste for your Christening Topper using Tylos, Gum Tragacanth or CMC. Visit our blog here for more information including recipe.

Use your stencil and paint your edible glue on to it. Another great tip is to add a little colour to your edible glue so that you can see where you have applied it to. This means you can make sure you don’t miss any bits, if you miss areas then your glitter won’t stick!

edible glitter

Once the glue has been applied, sprinkle your glitter over and don’t be afraid to put lots on, you can then tap off any excess and if you do it over a sheet of paper you can easily fold the paper to filter it back in to the pot for any remaining excess.


That’s it!

Leave it to dry, put the excess back in the pot and that’s that, they’re ready for adding to your cupcakes. This design would be great for Christenings or new babies! A really cute easy topper.

Christening Topper Tutorial

Why not try this with different stencils, you can do so many different designs!

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